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The XD800/8v2 amp from JL Audio is the winner of this roundup of the best 8-channel car amplifiers because it offers excellent clarity and impact without taxing the electrical system in your automobile, prevents thermal shut-downs and ensures uninterrupted music playback, and allows you to adjust the sound level using an optional connected remote.

However, you must not undervalue the other amplifiers on the list as each of them has a unique set of attributes. To help you choose the best amplifiers for your car, the 8-channel car amplifiers listed below have been divided into different categories and ranked depending on these attributes.

Recommended 8-Channel Car Amps

Our Pick

JL Audio XD800/8v2

RMS Power: 75 Watts
Peak Power: N/A
Best Frequency Response: 12-22k Hz
Amplifier Class: D

The XD800/8v2 amp from JL Audio is much more powerful than you may anticipate for something so compact. This little 8-channel amp plays your music with excellent clarity and impact without taxing the electrical system in your automobile.

This amplifier is kept at the ideal temperature by a cast metal heatsink and a sophisticated cooling system, which prevents thermal shut-downs and ensures uninterrupted music playback.
No matter how your sound plans evolve, you can set up this adaptable amp for just about any installation, ensuring that you never outgrow it. The RMS power provided by this amp is 75 watts per channel.

In 4-channel mode, this Class D amp can drive four high-performance loudspeakers at 200 watts RMS each. While keeping four channels open for your other speakers, it can also drive a pair of subwoofers at a capacity of 200 watts each.

Every channel has high- and low-pass filters that let you finely alter the sound’s nature. “Differential-balanced” interfaces make it possible to connect this amp to virtually any in-dash system, even a factory stereo without preamp outputs, and make the signals free of outside noise. And from the front seat, you can adjust the level using an optional connected remote.

All of this makes the XD800/8v2 from JL audio our top pick amongst all the 8-channel car amplifiers reviewed here.


Alpine PXE-08505

RMS Power: 25 Watts
Peak Power: N/A
Best Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz
Amplifier Class: D

Almost any automotive audio system, factory or aftermarket, can receive high-fidelity sound from Alpine’s PXE-0850S amp. When utilized as a freestanding sound synthesizer, the PXE-0850S can accept up to six inputs, such as the upper, midrange, and lower frequencies from a factory stereo, and output twelve filtered channels to your amps.

The PXE-0850S can also be used as a factory update. It is an amp with internal sound processing that can drive up to eight different speakers with 25 watts RMS each. With the Bluetooth adapter included in this practical little magic box, you may wirelessly play music from a device that is compatible without the need for a receiver in your setup.

Input/output signal control and summation are made possible by matrix mixing. Every channel has bandpass, low-pass, and high-pass filters that are fully adjustable and align the sound with your speakers.

You may eliminate any peaks or troughs in the frequency response of the inside of your car by using the 31-band equalizers to get the ideal tone. You can center the stereo image for your hearing position by using the delay feature.

With the wired LCD wireless controller that comes with the PXE-0850S, you can adjust volume, save and recall setups, and switch between sources while sitting in the driver’s seat. For all these reasons, the PXE-08505 from Alpine managers is to finish runner-up on our list.

Small Size


RMS Power: 40 Watts
Peak Power: N/A
Best Frequency Response: 10-22k Hz
Amplifier Class: D

Adding an amplifier to increase power and a digital signal converter to enhance sound quality is one of the finest ways to get better sound clarity in your automobile. JBL’s very small DSP4086 8-channel amplifier can do both by delivering eight channels at 40 watts RMS and shaping the sound on your Windows PC with potent tuning software.

The small size of the amp makes it perfect for installation in most cars. The front speakers, back speakers, front center channel, and back subwoofer of your car can all send signals to the DSP4086. Once those signals have been processed, eight powered outputs can be made, and your front tweeters can be powered and controlled.

Each channel has a 31-band EQ that can be switched between parametric and graphic, as well as fully adjustable high-, low-, and band-pass filtration with customizable slopes, and time delay that can be adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees, and a time delay of up to 12 milliseconds.

Every input can be assigned to an output, and signals can be added to provide a full-range signal that can be processed. All of these things make the DSP4086 a great small-size 8-channel car amplifier to have in your vehicle.

Also Great

Kicker KXMA800.8

RMS Power: 50 Watts
Peak Power: N/A
Best Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz
Amplifier Class: D

The KXMA800.8 8-channel amplifier from Kicker, which can drive eight speakers with 50 watts RMS each, can enhance the brightness and clarity of your audio.

This amplifier can also be used in a 4-way configuration, with two channels driving tweeters, two driving midrange drivers, two driving mid-bass speakers, and 2 channels being linked to driving a sub with up to 200 watts RMS. No matter how much the audio system on your yacht changes over time, this adaptable amp will always have a place in it.

Thanks to its high-mass coolant, sophisticated interior parts, and effective full-range Class-D amp technology, this dependable and small KXM Series rocker will remain cool even when subjected to intense pressure.

So that you may enjoy your music in its purest form, Kicker uses their Fail-Safe Integration Technology (FIT2TM) to eliminate noise and prevent any interference produced by the devices on your vehicle. This amplifier has speaker-level inputs so you can connect it to practically any stereo decoder or radio.

Finally, because the steeply slanted high- and low-pass filters allow for a wide range of adjustability, you can tune for practically any type of speaker. All this makes the KXMA800.8 amp from Kicker great.


Rockville ATOM 8B

RMS Power: 70 Watts
Peak Power: N/A
Best Frequency Response: 10Hz – 30 KHz
Amplifier Class: D

High-quality marine parts are used in this amplifier, including a neoprene-coated PCB board with waterproofing glue put on to safeguard the circuitry. The bottom plate and the heat sink enclosure are both composed of rust-resistant stainless steel.

The amp’s components are made of rust-resistant stainless steel. The amplifier will remain rust-free and work flawlessly even after many years of use!

This amplifier really has serious power, offering up to 560 watts of RMS power spread across 8-channels. It can power several areas simultaneously at loud enough volumes to drown out engine and wind noise.

A really unique, completely controllable 12dB/Octave crossover is present in this amplifier. The crossover accommodates both high-pass and low-pass frequencies. This makes the amp perfect for different types of speakers, subs, and tweeters. The best part is that all of the features come at an affordable price, making the ATOM 8B the best budget 8-channel car amplifier you can buy.

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