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When it comes to looking for the best car speakers, you’ll never be lost for choice, not even in the 4-inch speaker department. Unfortunately, that means that you could be as likely to pick a dud as you would a godlike brand of speaker.

That’s why we spent hours compiling a list of the best 4-inch car speakers with good bass found on the market and put them on a grueling test that involves a number of our most audiophile staff to see which of them is the one true speaker to rule them all.

4-Inch Car Speakers We Recommended

Image4-Inch SpeakersPower/Per SpeakerFrequency ResponseSensitivityImpedanceTop Mount Depth
Focal ICU 100 Universal...
Our Pick

Price at AmazonPrice at Crutchfield
RMS: 40 W
Peak: 80 W
100 – 20 kHz90.3 dB4 Ohms2"
Pair KICKER 46CSC44 4' 300...
Bang For The Buck

Price at AmazonPrice at Crutchfield
RMS: 50 W
Peak: 150 W
60 - 20k Hz88 dB4 Ohms1 13/16"
Morel Maximo Ultra 402 Coax 4'...
Best Bass Option

Price at Amazon
RMS: 45 W
Peak: 100 W
75 - 20k Hz87.5 dB4 Ohms2"
Alpine S-S40 S-Series 4-inch...

Price at Amazon
RMS: 40 W
Peak: 145W
97– 22 kHz86 dB4 Ohms2"
Morel Hybrid Integra 402 4'...
Component Pick

Price at Amazon
RMS: 80 W
Peak: 250 W
80 - 25k Hz89 dB4 Ohms1 11/16"
Our Pick

Focal ICU 100

Power/Per Speaker: 80W peak, 40W RMS
Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 90.3 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2”


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Universal compatibility
  • Durable build quality


  • High price
  • Complicated installation
  • Limited power handling

If you need 4” speakers with a polished sound and a great price, consider this option by Focal. Focal ICU 100 has a shallow mounting depth and comes with divisible ears, making it a universal fit. You can install it in any vehicle without modifying its interior.

Focal ICU 100 also features a butyl rubber surround that makes the speaker a reliable piece of your car sound system. With 40W RMS, you get quite a performer in terms of power, it’s just a tad less than our bass pick – Maximo Ultra.

We also like this speaker for its superior treble production. Its inverted tweeter made of aluminum and magnesium produces better treble than factory-fitted speakers. Moreover, its acoustic horn ensures a clear and detailed soundstage.

Like any other top-of-the-line coaxial speaker, this one also features an integrated crossover. This attribute allows you to easily connect the speaker to the rest of the stereo system.

The polyglass cone of this speaker is also impressive in the sense that it helps in maintaining the natural sound of the track without introducing any distortion.

Bang For The Buck

Kicker 46CSC44

Power/Per Speaker: 150W peak, 50W RMS
Frequency Response: 60 – 20k Hz
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Top Mount Depth: 1 13/16″


  • Good sound quality
  • Affordable price
  • Easy installation


  • Limited power handling
  • May not fit all vehicles
  • Durability issues reported by some users

Kicker products, particularly the speakers, are always a good bang for the buck option. The 46CSC44 speakers, for instance, may only be 4 inches but they carry a sound more superior than most. And the price tag is even more staggering; I mean, nothing this good costs so less. This system is definitely worth a try.

It’s only fair to say that these 4-inch car speakers were a tough face. Their bodies have a rugged facade and carry a stern demeanor; they mean serious business. The Kicker 46CSC44 carries polypropylene woofer cones with tough rubber surrounds.

This heavily potent core reverberates with tremendous zeal resulting in glimmering imaging. With each speaker juggling an unbelievable 50 Watts RMS at a go. That explains why this system is tremulous.

Best Bass Option

Morel Maximo Ultra 402 – 4″ Speakers

Power/Per Speaker: 100W peak, 45W RMS
Frequency Response: 75 – 20k Hz
Sensitivity: 87.8 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2”


  • Clear and dynamic sound quality
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Designed for easy installation


  • On the pricier side, making them a less budget-friendly option
  • May not perform optimally in cars with weaker audio systems
  • Compatibility issues reported by some users

Morel speakers are vigorous troupers. They are a delight to listen to, especially due to their palpable focus on the teeniest of details. Speakers this small often pass as dull performers, but no, not the Morel Maximo Ultra 402 4″ speakers.

They, instead, are blustery little fellas with a solid promise to rock your world. The compact built does little to undermine their capacity. If anything, they can be annoyingly loud, if you know what I mean.

In what I like to call a banging body, the Morel Maximo Ultra 402 harbors top-quality units. These constituents each have an intrinsic role to play in the normal running of each speaker. And I must say, these units do not disappoint – as we highlight in the full review of Morel Maximo Ultra 402. Take for instance the treated paper composite woofer cone with a butyl rubber surround. This fortified core provides a rigid yet heavily tremulous surface on which tonal notes move unopposed.

Morel’s external voice coil technology sees to it that each speaker rides through extreme heat and high volume with admirable stability. When it comes to power handling, the Morel Maximo Ultra 402 is well-catered for. 45 Watts RMS in a 4-inch car speaker is no doubt tremendous, yet these small drivers could never run on anything less. Pair this with a Sony DSX-GS80 receiver and you’re off to a nice sound experience in your vehicle.

Steel woofer baskets guarantee longevity even in the face of imminent collisions. The soft dome tweeters possess adequate power handling which results in minimal distortions. They also dissipate unbelievably precise highs. The crossover network does a phenomenal job of distributing sound waves. This prevents sonic saturation thus eliminating distortion.

All in all, buying this package could change your life. I mean, with it installed, you’ll be rushing to get behind the wheel on a daily basis.

Also Great

Audiofrog GS40

Power/Per Speaker: 200W peak, 70W RMS
Frequency Response: 90Hz – 12kHz
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Top Mount Depth: 1 15/16″


  • Compatible with most amplifiers
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good power handling capacity


  • Installation may require some expertise
  • Requires a crossover network

When Audiofrog released the GS40 4-inch car speakers, I knew I had to check them out. This isn’t the most powerful speaker on the market, but it sounded like a high-end option. After installing them in my vehicle and giving them a listen, I can say without hesitation that they are top-notch.

The frequency response of these speakers is wide and clear; you get low bass with no distortion, crisp highs, and everything in between. Even at higher volumes, they remain distortion-free and sound great. The power handling capacity of 70 watts RMS is enough to provide plenty of punch for music playback—I was quite impressed!

Its price tag separates it from run-of-the-mill speakers, but Audiofrog has gone the extra mile with its design. They feature high-quality Neo magnet materials and a vented pole piece to help create more airflow and improved bass response.

Installation was easy enough for me but may require some expertise, depending on your car’s configuration. The GS40 comes with a recommended crossover network, but you may need to purchase one separately if your car doesn’t have the necessary setup.

Overall, I’d highly recommend these 4-inch car speakers if you’re looking for good sound quality at an affordable price. The installation may require some expertise; however, plenty of online guides can walk you through the process step by step. You will also need to invest in a crossover network to get the most out of them; without one, they won’t sound nearly as good as they should. But once everything is connected properly, you won’t be disappointed!

Also Great

Hertz Cento CX 100

Power/Per Speaker: 120W peak, 40W RMS
Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity: 92 dB
Top Mount Depth: 1.75”


  • High-fidelity sound, delivering clear and dynamic audio
  • Compatible with a wide range of car audio systems
  • Durable construction


  • Price – compared to other options
  • Struggle to deliver robust and punchy bass

Hertz Cento CX 100 is another great option among shallow chassis 4-inch speakers. Its top-mount depth is just 1.75 inches, making it a suitable option for easy installation. We also like this Hertz 4-inch speaker because it provides the best of both worlds.

Its patented Tetolon dome is designed to ensure better sound dispersion and handling of higher frequencies. On the other hand, its semi-pressed paper cone with mica powder finish maintains the sanctity of lower-end reverbs. As a result, you get to listen to a wholesome sound on your car stereo.

We also like the use of an aluminum former with a woofer cone voice coil. It helps in producing high-excursion sound and handling more power.

Also, its high-density ferrite magnet with low-carbon polar plates takes care of the distortion and high power levels. In short, you can hook it up to an aftermarket amp without experiencing any sound coloration.

Also Great

Alpine S-S40

Power/Per Speaker: 145W peak, 40W RMS
Frequency Response: 97 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2”


  • High-fidelity sound, delivering clear and dynamic audio
  • Compatible with a wide range of car audio systems
  • Durable construction


  • Price – compared to other options
  • Struggle to deliver robust and punchy bass

Alpine is known for making quality sound devices for cars and S-S40 is among the finest 4-inch car speakers available on the block right now.

It is a definite improvement on your stock car sound with its 40W RMS handling from each piece of the pair. These Alpine speakers are also great if you have already hooked a powerful amp to your stereo system.

The first thing we noticed in S-S40 is its linearity and consistency when there was a high excursion on the dome. Alpine has managed to achieve this accuracy and minimal distortion for thumping sound with its propriety High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround.

Its carbon-reinforced cone provides the speaker with the needed sturdiness without increasing its weight. Moreover, its 1-inch silk dome comes in quite useful in handling the upper ranges. It ensures that you can listen to high frequencies without tiring and hurting your eardrums.

Component Pick

Morel Hybrid Integra 402 Component 4-inch

Power/Per Speaker: 250W peak, 80W RMS
Frequency Response: 80 – 25k Hz
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Top Mount Depth: 1 11/16”

Morel products are always brilliantly different. In a market saturated with too many duplicates, it’s always a relief to come across something unconventional. And that is exactly what Morel’s Hybrid Integra 402 is; a diamond in the rough. This 4-inch component package some packed and ready to blow you away.

For 4″ speakers, the Hybrid Integra 402 is remarkably powerful. The system’s RMS is 80 Watts and 250 Watts at the peak. The system breathes fire and we love it.

The one-piece damped polymer cone that sits on each woofer sound like something out of a magazine. And let me tell you, the cones are just as sophisticated as the name suggests. they are designed for maximal expansion for better imaging. Their stiff yet light demeanor guarantees their longevity and consistent performance over the years.

MT230 soft dome tweeters prove their abilities by giving off remarkable highs. They sound so good you might just find yourself floating around. A cast steel basket allows for aeration while protecting the woofer elements from damage.

External voice coil technology makes these speakers great performers despite their temperatures. The voice coils allow for major heat dissipation all through. This package is fresh and notably adept; it’s clever for those who dare to be different.

Everything else we recommend

Also Great

Hertz DCX 100.3 4-inch Car Speakers

You should expect nothing but a clean, natural sound from any Hertz speaker. That said, let’s narrow down our attention to the Hertz DCX 100.3 4″ car speakers. Yes, these speakers are tiny. And no, they don’t sound as small as they look.

If anything, the superior output gives them a larger-than-life audio persona that most audiophiles crave. They spit heavy bass adorned with cautiously filtered detail. The DCX 100.3 sound is one you can trust to light up the mood any day, any time.

Hertz speakers have always been highly efficient speakers in terms of power application. Each speaker only needs 30 watts of power to fully explore its potential. This power is run through the components and expelled through pressed paper cones (water repellent, I must mention). The cones are fixed in a thermoplastic polyurethane setting. This kind of environment has a strong vibrancy trait that highly suits expert sound reproduction.

A powerful neodymium magnetic system allows for outstanding running all through. Built-in crossover sees to it that noted are filtered with extreme care and that one is fed to the right driver. When it comes to tweeter power, the DCX 100.3’s PEI dome tweeters are more than sufficient when it comes to handling highs. They deliver them well-roasted like your favorite morning coffee.

Their highs are rich and tasty, what more can I say? DIN-sized basket wears a heavy abrasion-proof coat that keeps everything sparkling and functioning at full capacity.

Also Great

Morel Tempo Ultra 402 Integra

Power/Per Speaker: 140W peak, 60W RMS
Frequency Response: 80 – 22k Hz
Sensitivity: 85 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2 5/16”

Zealous audiophiles all over the world have been fussing over the Morel Tempo Ultra 402 Integra’s maddening powers. The good people over at Morel are clearly a music-loving bunch; how else could they have whipped up this revolutionary system?

The Tempo Ultra 402 Integra package is obnoxiously loud and the best part is that unlike most other loud drivers they maintain a high sky level of detail all through.

These babies are power-hungry; their ferocious thirst for power is probably the reason behind their superior faculties. Each speaker, despite their compact 4″ bodies, googles up 60 Watts of power at a go.

At peak the peak, they shoot up to 140 Watts; I know, it’s outrageous. Now, these huge throes of power are driven right into treated paper composite woofer cones with dutiful rubber surrounds. The resultant resonance is one of impressive detail and deep banging bass. Simply put, it’s infatuating.

The steel outer shell does a proper job of keeping the speaker’s inner elements clear of damage. A built-in MXR crossover splits waves between the speaker components and its tweeters cautiously. The silk dome tweeters get their prescribed dose of highs which they spin with meticulous might.

The system successively combines low, mid-range, and high sound waves to create a field of gorgeous equilibrium. It can also get crazy loud when you want it to. God knows that’s all we audiophiles out here want.

Also Great

JL Audio C2-400x 4-inch speakers

JL Audio is not exactly an industry top dog. Even so, their speakers are subtle performers with adequate throbs of deep bass. The C2-400x 4-inch speakers have a nice ring to them; they’re brilliant at what they do.

Not to mention they look good too. Their exterior cast is quite honestly a sight to behold. These are the type of components you proudly display in your cabin hoping to catch a compliment from riders.

The C2-400x have a slight thud that’s easy to appreciate. Audiophiles may not necessarily get excited over this sound. However, it’s enough to keep most average listeners widely satisfied.

Each speaker comes with 35 Watts RMS, a pair of these speakers are pretty loud with 70 Watts of combined power. At their best, they run a total of 105 Watts.

A rugged polypropylene cone with a butyl rubber surround vibrates with the dedicated force for maximal reverberation. As a result, you get to feel the music in its most pure form.

Silk dome tweeters are master spinners when it comes to extreme highs. Built-in crossover sees to it that none of the drivers are saturated to avoid distortion. A ferrite magnet structure on the woofer secures resilience and constant power handling.

As I said, these speakers are gorgeous. Black steel mesh grilles adorn the faces; this look is further pimped with satin silver accents running across the body. With a banging body and a phenomenal sound; I rest my case.


Kenwood KFC-1095PS

We love some good old Kenwood once in a while. The reason is they know definitely know how to host a party. Kenwood speakers are legendary in the industry; especially because most of them are so damn affordable. The Kenwood New KFC-1095PS speakers are a good proof of that. As per our budget 4″ speakers recommendation, you shouldn’t expect top performance from these speakers.

A water-resistant cone fixed right in the middle of a sturdy rubber surround moves gracefully to transfer patent waves through the surround. The sound waves roll off the elements into the air with naught distortions.

The cone is fed with a continuous current of 40 Watts; with that, it vibrates insanely to give you crispy notes. Acoustic Sound Harmonizer improves frequency response by a long shot. These speakers are fast respondents; they do so with mind-boggling precision.

Angelic vocals, reasonable bass, and clean treble are all you get with the KFC-1095PS speakers. Their tweeters are aggressively potent. Their special touch makes the system’s output increasingly detailed. I must also mention that these speakers also come with grilles for their own protection. It is an all-around adequate package.


JBL CLUB 4020 4″ Speakers

The JBL Club series, as its name suggests, is pretty funky. Speakers from this line are often youthful and very energetic. The JBL CLUB4020 system has a fierce vibe both musically and physically.

The sound is overwhelmingly pleasant; you hear all the highs and dramatically feel all the lows. Although the change may feel way too drastic, these 4″ speakers are a perfect reason to finally dump your tired old factory sound system.

First and foremost, I’d love to shed light on the speakers’ high-sensitive design which not only looks classy but facilitates better production. A UV-resistant polypropylene woofer cone moves freely within its environs to maximize imaging.

This results in a great mid-bass wave. With 25 watts of power to ride on, these speakers are fair performers. I’d lying if I said they rattle their surrounding. Nevertheless, the reproduction is relatively loud; if you like to keep things subtle, this is it.

The overall sound comes off with a balanced bass and great musical character. PEI-balanced dome tweeters furnish the rich mid-bass output with decorated highs thus leveling the sound field.

The only notable problem you may experience with this package is with its instruction manual. Its instructions generally meant for all JBL speakers; they don’t focus on this particular product much.



Say hello to DS18, the contemporary brand in town. DS18 EXL-SQ4 4″ speakers are made for modern-day audiophiles; their components seem to have a special understanding of new-edge music.

They capture and mirror notes in a manner never seen before. The bass is just right; the volume is even better and the vocals basically platonic. Modern music is complex; why not get a component that understands how best to deliver it?

If looks were all it took to make a speaker great, then the DS18 EXL-SQ4 would definitely come out top of the list. From the general appearance, these speakers were built to endure. It’s also clear they were built to spin chords at an expert level.

Black fiberglass cones with rubber edges put these speakers on top of their game by making the best of its reverberation powers as well as the power it receives. With each speaker feeding off 60 Watts of power consistently, you can already tell the sound is remarkable.

A built tweeter keeps highs coming in clean and crispy. Die-cast baskets ride out any unforeseen mishaps. We love the package’s superior bass response. We also love that its components are good quality units that could last a lifetime if well taken care of.


Focal ES 100K 4-inch Component Speakers

Focal is only now solidifying its position in the industry. And seeing just how much competition they have to wade off, it’s very easy to understand why their products are uniquely authentic.

The Focal ES 100K package has pushed the creative limits with small but unique touches. This package does stand out from the crowd. This mainly because it comes with all the makings of that avant-garde system millions of people sort for tireless.

The Focal ES 100K package is like none other; it comes with 2 woofers, 2 external crossovers, 2 tweeters, and dual grille covers. I’ll go on ahead and ask one query; what was the last time you had your hands on an external crossover? For most, am sure the answer is never.

Nevertheless, this package brings you the chance to experience not one but a set of two external crossovers. The crossovers allow for more control over driver operation and functioning. The Focal ES 100K woofers come with a fair amount of power with their RMS coming at 60 Watts. See our review of more Focal speakers.

The tweeter and speaker bodies are handmade to ensure precision. Tuned mass dampers with rubber surround scream heavy mid-bass and deep bass. The tweeters then accentuate that sound with chilly highs to create a very powerful sound.

The inverted aramid tweeters do a clean job when filtering the high frequencies. This system has a rich dynamism that makes it heavily sought after. It’s also banging loud when cranked all the way up.

If you need something else in a similar width range – we also did a review of the best 3.5-car speakers.

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