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If you’ve read a number of our reviews in other car speaker sizes, you will note that some brands such as Pioneer, Alpine, and Focal seem to pop up often. Indeed, knowing the leading brands can serve as a concrete first step towards achieving your goals.

The three manufacturers, for instance, have a knack for quality, and more often than not, you can never go wrong purchasing their products including 6×8 speakers.

Image6x8 Car speakersPowerFrequency ResponseSensitivity
Focal 570 AC Access 5x7 2-Way...
Our Pick

$319.99 Check Price
RMS: 60 W
Peak: 120 W
65 – 20 kHz91 dB
Alpine R-Series 6 x 8 Inch 300...
Runner Up

$109.95 Check Price
RMS: 100 W
Peak: 300 W
63 - 29k Hz89 dB
Pioneer TS-D68F D Series 6'x8'...
Bang For The Buck

$139.99 Check Price
RMS: 80 W
Peak: 240 W
34 – 42 kHz87 dB
Infinity Reference 8632CFX...

$52.95 Check Price
RMS: 60 W
Peak: 180 W
49 - 21k Hz93 dB
KICKER CS Series CSC68 6 x 8...
Also Great

$89.99 Check Price
RMS: 75 W
Peak: 225 W
45 - 20k Hz90 dB
Morel Tempo Ultra 572 5'x7'...
Our Pick

$439.00 Check Price
RMS: 110 W
Peak: 250 W
60– 22 kHz90 dB

6×8 Coaxial Speakers

Our Pick

Focal 570 AC Access

Power: 120W Peak, 60 RMS
Frequency Response: 65 – 20 kHz
Sensitivity: 91dB

It is hard to find factory replacements of 6×8 car speakers that are superior in sound quality but friendly for the pocket. Focal Performance 570 AC is an option that fulfills those requirements. With its 60W RMS handling, it is certainly an upgrade on any factory-fitted speaker.

The premium construction, perfect sound, and perfect style of this built-in crossover coaxial model make it one of the best 6×8 car speakers on the block.

Focal 570 AC features a dual fiberglass woofer cone with a butyl rubber surround (more Focal speakers options). Focal has used dual fiberglass for its low weight, great strength, and electrical insulation. All these attributes come together to ensure that the woofer can create the midrange sound with reverberating bass.

Moreover, butyl rubber surround provides the returning spring force crucial for the speaker to maintain its bass-rich sound.

The inverted dome-shaped aluminum tweeter of Focal 570 AC is also worth mentioning. In tweeters, an inverted dome is better than a traditional raised dome for one particular reason i.e. it disperse high frequencies more efficiently.

As a result, the speaker manages to create a wide soundstage with impressive resolution. On top of that, the use of aluminum keeps the overall coaxial assembly lightweight. It also acts as a greater heat sink.

This lightweight 6×8 speaker features a stamped steel basket that helps in keeping the speaker together amid all the powerful sound production.

Runner Up

Alpine R-S68 6×8-inch Speakers

Power: 300W Peak, 100 RMS
Frequency Response: 63 – 29k Hz
Sensitivity: 89dB

The Alpine R series speakers wear a very serious business face. Their sound is a clear reflection of all the diligent work that has been put into their conception. The R-S68 speakers deliver with pronounced graft. Their overall sound is bossed up with unfathomable mastery. This explains why it is one of the best 6×8 speakers you can get.

The R-S68 speakers are really only after one thing; improved sound detail and clarity. Each speaker’s body is built with that as the major orientation as you will soon realize. The cone design, for one, is impressive as it is boundless – as highlighted in the complete Alpine R-S68 review.

The multi-layer hybrid fiber cones are highly expansive. They ex-cur effortlessly resulting in sharper detail extraction. The H.AM.R surround, well built for the task at hand, allow for the cone’s free movement for better results.

The speakers come well packed in terms of power. Each runs a clean 100 Watts of RMS. At peak performance, that figure triples to a drastic 300 Watts. It is evident that these speakers are not shy performers, they take in quite a lot but give out double fold that.

When cranked all the way up, your car is bound to rattle to these speakers’ eminence. A double-layered voice coil handles heat pretty well. That guarantees prolonged, flawless performance.

The silk dome tweeters are something of a wonder; their focus on detail is impressive. These little fellas give you exclusive access to melodious highs sprinkled with spectacular details. That, combined with the speakers’ groundbreaking bass, creates an other-worldly blend that’s to die for.

Did I also mention that you’re unlikely to come across a more realistic sound? The level of originality here is mind-boggling.

Bang For The Buck

Pioneer TS-D68F D Series

Power: 240W Peak, 80 RMS
Frequency Response: 34 – 42 kHz
Sensitivity: 87dB

Pioneer is considered a reliable name among car speaker manufacturers. It has been fulfilling the aftermarket requirements of audiophiles for decades. Pioneer’s TS-D68F is one of the best deals for 6×8 stock replacements.

While examining this all-black speaker, what immediately caught our eye is its coated textile dome tweeter. The use of top-grade textile has enabled the D68F’s tweeter to produce balanced and lifelike sound. Listening to high-frequency output on this textile tweeter is nothing short of an auditory treat.

Besides featuring a one-of-its-kind tweeter, the woofer cone of Pioneer D68F also boasts well-thought-out construction, which is rare to see in most aftermarket options. When most coaxial speakers feature just plain polypropylene cones, D68F features an aramid fiber-infused polypropylene cone.

Aramid is a strong and heat-resistant fiber variant primarily used in aerospace and military applications. By reinforcing the woofer cone of D68F with aramid, Pioneer has made sure that you can get the best bass experience from the speaker.

Those reinforced polypropylene cones are extremely responsive to low-end reverbs and continue to produce the overpowering bass-heavy sound without getting overheated or warped.

Also Great

Kicker 46CSC684

Power: 225W Peak, 75 RMS
Frequency Response: 45 – 20k Hz
Sensitivity: 90dB

Kicker has a way with a sound that’s just impressive. These master creators have managed to give the market high-performance speaker components at very low price tags. Most budget-friendly speakers under any category will often be Kicker products.

And despite the low pricing, these speakers are clean, solid producers. Here, we narrow down our performance to the Kicker 46CSC684 coaxial 6×8 speakers. These babies offer a rich performance on a consistent scale. They are also super affordable; that’s always a plus.

As an audiophile, I’d do anything for natural, rich, and heavy sound. And my guess is that so would most other sound freaks out there. Kicker seems to know that very well because the Kicker 46CSC684 offers just that. Its sound is subtle but deep, soft but platonic. Most of all though, it is pretty damn loud.

Polypropylene woofer cones see to it that each note is captured and relayed with major intensity. Heavy-duty rubber surrounds reverberates in obedience to the cones’ commands. This creates a powerful consistent bounce that reproduces nothing but neat sound.

With each speaker running on a 75 Watts RMS, this system carries extensive potential. It can rock your world really well when paired with the right components.

Polyetherimide (PEI) balanced dome tweeters handle the higher sound spectrum with incredible prowess. Their crispy contribution to the overall sound is imperative.

With the speakers spitting deep bass-packed notes, the tweeters neutralize the sound with their chilly reverberation. That said, you can only imagine what the final product sounds like. And let me tell you, it is overwhelming (in all the right ways).


Infinity Reference 8632CFX

Power: 180W Peak, 60 RMS
Frequency Response: 49 – 21k Hz
Sensitivity: 93dB

It is no secret that Infinity speakers are legendary performers. This more so with anything from the heavily celebrated Reference series. These speakers are made to quake any space their fixed in with unsullied diligence.

The Infinity 8632CFX for instance, are solid performers with nothing but excellence to offer. These speakers are designed to trap, polish up and release every sing musical note available. With this package, you’re unlikely to miss any chord; no matter how small it may be. The final output is also very well filtered through with naught distortions. It’s to die for.

With each speaker running on a 60 Watt RMS, this package is clearly a powerhouse. That much power allows them that top-level, high-volume privilege that audiophiles die for. At peak performance, each speaker shoots its power intake to a staggering 180 Watts.

That much power opens sonic doors like none others. The bass is well atoned and the highs are sufficiently highlighted. The final output is simply heavenly.

Polypropylene woofer cones with hi-roll rubber surrounds do a great job of capturing musical detail and recreating with just as much efficiency. The textile tweeters produce the cleanest, most clear highs.

With that much clear, you can only imagine what the final package sounds like. The Infinity 8632CFX sound is authentic and attractive in all the right ways. This package is worth its value, if not more. It makes a clever swap for your old beaten-up factory speakers.

Also Great

Infinity Kappa 86cfx 6×8 Speakers

Power: 300W Peak, 100 RMS
Frequency Response: 40 – 25k Hz
Sensitivity: 94dB

Infinity Kappa products sit at the very top of the food chain in the audio industry. This brand prides itself on its state-of-the-art, contemporary speakers. They often sound good and look even better; the Infinity Kappa 86cfx package proves that much.

In a juicy, boom-packed package, the KAPPA-86CFX is a sure way to rattle your cabin a little in style. This package is a shoo-in and a great replacement for those tired old factory speakers.

Good speakers are known to have magnificent power-handling abilities. The KAPPA-86CFX 6×8 speakers come ready with some pretty adequate power handling capacities.

Each speaker has a 100 Watts RMS which allows up to 300 Watts at peak performance. From that alone, you can already tell these speakers spit pure fire. They hold their own under high temperatures and volume; that’s what we dig most about them.

Patented plus one woofer cones are the main reason behind the speakers’ hard-hitting abilities. The glass fiber cones hold shape all through resulting in minimal sound distortion and glitches.

Potent hi-roll rubber surround does a great job backing up the cone with undying diligence. This is why the overall output is of superb quality with intense dashes of detail.

The tweeters are high-grade and modern in build. They work with insane mettle. Uni-pivot tweeter design helps aim each tweeter towards you.

A level control button helps adjust the sound to a more personal level. This ultimately polishes up the final sound to give it that chill-down-your-spine feel. It’s a worthwhile effect; this is a speaker package you definitely want to buy – we highlighted more buying options in the 6.75 speakers review.

Also Great

Cerwin Vega V468

Power: 400W Peak, 75 RMS
Frequency Response: 55 – 20k Hz
Sensitivity: 94dB

Cerwin Vega is a very bold brand. Their products are cutting edge, trendsetting components with nothing but the best to offer. More often than not, this brand gives us revolutionary products that are constantly pushing the industry’s innovation limits.

In short, if you want something popping, something fresh and unique, this is the brand. And in this category, you can take a walk on the wild side with the Cerwin Vega V468 6×8 car speaker set.

The one thing about this speaker that has the better part of the market all giddy is its assertive look. I mean, a red highlight surround is not exactly easy to pull off but this speaker does it quite well.

Its body is to die for not to mention built from high-quality materials. The V468 speakers are built for longevity; they offer years of unsullied sonic excellence.

Each speaker houses a Mica-filled poly cone; a unit rated up high for its phenomenal thudding powers. Powered by 75 Watts at the nominal level, each speaker is very steamy. At its peak, the power shoots up to 400 Watts; that’s 800 Watts per pair.

I know what you’re thinking; there’s no way that’s possible, right? But guess what, it is all facts. This is the kind of speaker set that will have you turning heads as soon as you start that car.

Its titanium dome tweeters are very much capable. They hit the highs with so much grace it’s almost heaven-like. This package is reasonably priced. Considering what it can do, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend a chunk of your money on this. It would be a significant improvement from any OEM system.

6×8 Component Speakers

Our Pick

Morel Tempo Ultra 572

Power: 250W Peak, 110 RMS
Frequency Response: 60– 22 kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB

This 6×8 speaker option is a custom-made choice for all the proper music buffs. If you want to have a powerful and rugged component speaker system in your car, you don’t have to look any further than Morel Tempo Ultra 572.

This component speaker is not just an improvement on Morel Temp’s own earlier models. It is also an improvement on almost every 6×8 component speaker available on the block.

Morel Tempo Ultra 572’s woofer features treated paper composite with a large voice call and strong magnet system. This combination enables the woofer for higher power handling while keeping the distortion level minimal and bass response at its best.

When most aftermarket component speakers offer power handling in the 70-90W range, Morel Tempo Ultra 572 can operate at up to 110W RMS.

The 1.1-inch soft dome tweeter of this powerful 6×8 component speaker is also worth mentioning. It features a neodymium magnet, which enables the tweeter to register top performance for high frequencies.

Along with the woofer and top-quality external crossover, this tweeter makes sure the component system creates a detailed and dynamic sound stage.

Also Great

JBL Stadium GTO860C

Power: 300W Peak, 100 RMS
Frequency Response: 40 – 25k Hz
Sensitivity: 93 dB

The JBL stadium GT860C 6×8 component speaker package is every sound aficionado’s mega dream. It’s a perfect blend of amplification and suave musical notes. Its units work in unison to create a transcendent space of your vehicle carbon. Any experience with this system is worth every passing second.

Now this package right here is to die for. All its units ooze mad swagger not to mention unsurpassed sound reproduction. The speakers, for one, are beautiful. With carbon injected Plus One woofer cones gracefully set in the middle, they resound with impressive prowess.

The woofer cone sits in a butyl rubber surround which is then housed in a fiberglass reinforced plastic frame. This leaves more than sufficient space for cone excursion hence maximal extraction of notes and vocals.

Each speaker comes with an oversized voice coil. The extra voice coil surface area allows for effortless heat dissipation. Each speaker has a 100 Watts RMS which kicks up to 300 Watts at its peak.

Notably, the JBL GT860C speakers hold up incredibly well under heavy performances. Reliability is definitely guaranteed with this one. Its soft dome tweeters bring in the highs with such dexterity it is virtually mind-blowing. These tiny powerhouses add that much-needed zing to the system’s already rattling bass.

The system runs on a 2 Ohm impedance. The low impedance design gives it a sharp response with minimal distortion – as mentioned in JBL GT860C full review. The ultimate sound is clean, deep, and decorated with beautifully winnowed vocals.

The external gap switchable crossovers do a great job of ensuring the distinct notes land exactly where they’re supposed to. With such impressive sorting capacities, the results are crystal, crispy clear.

Also Great

Kicker 46CSS684 6×8 Speakers

Power: 225W Peak, 75 RMS
Frequency Response: 40 – 21k Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB

The Kicker 46CSS684 system is a clear definition of their perpetual creativity and polished craftsmanship. This is a system you want to blow your money on, trust me – for similar component picks read the 6×9 component speakers review.

This all-powerful component speaker system is the kind that will blow your brains out when cranked all the way up. Usually, with most speakers, you need an amp to fully exploit their wealth.

However, the Kicker 46CSS684 system gives you the entire pot of gold from the word go. The silvery appearance is gripping and looks great on pretty much any dashboard.

Each speaker has a compact thin profile; this makes them an easy fix in most cars. These very speakers feature very powerful polypropylene mid-woofer cones. These cones are liberal little units with impressive reverberation abilities. They recreate lows with a heavy, rich accent.

The polyester foam surrounds then take up their role to further bolster the cone’s playing field. The resultant sound is music to the ears so to speak. A single speaker runs about 75 Watts of RMS. When heavy at work, it pulls 225 Watts to further optimize its performance.

Its tweeters are just as vicious and come with three mounting options. This eases set up by a long shot. Their highs are precise and clean. This pure breath of freshness into the speaker’s heavy bass creates truly platonic waves.

Driven by neodymium magnets, the speakers work long and hard and barely swither. The level of reliability you get from this collective package is a rarity. If you’re considering buying this 6×8 component speaker, don’t think too hard into it, just do it.

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