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In the article that follows we’re gonna show you some of the best double din head units in the current market. We’ve lined up our reviews from cheapest to best car stereo receivers money can buy, from best brands in the business – Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, Sony, etc. – so no one is withheld.

In the table under you can see our top picks in every price category, but if you want to check out more options – scroll down to see 17 double din car stereos reviews in total. We got you covered in every area, budget options, midrange, or top-notch units. So let’s begin!

Double Din Head Units We Recommended

ImageDouble Din Head UnitSpecsScreen SizeBluetoothUSB InputAUX Input
Pioneer MVH-S620BS Double DIN...
Our Pick
around $100

Check Price
Alexa Built-in When Paired with Pioneer, Smart Sync App, AndroidTM Compatibility,
iPhone(R) Compatibility, Works with Pandora(R) and Spotify(R), Built-in Bluetooth(R)
Display with LED Backlight
VA LCD (2-Line)
ATOTO F7 CarPlay & Android...
Our Pick
under $200

Check Price

Bluetooth (BT1 4.2 & BT2 4.0), Full HD 7" 1024*600 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen, Builtin GPS Receiver, Phone Mirroring/Casting (iOS & Android), WiFi/Microphone7"YesFrontFront
Kenwood DMX4707S 6.8' Digital...
Our Pick
around $300

Check Price

7" 800x480p Capacitive Touchscreen, Apple CarPlay&Android Auto, True Mirroring via USB, Rear View Camera Input7"YesRearMini (rear)
Pioneer AVH-2500NEX In-Dash...
Our Pick
around $500

Check Price

7" 800x480p Capacitive Touchscreen, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, True Mirroring via USB, Rear View Camera Input7"YesRearRear
Planet Audio P9900CPA Apple...

Check Price
Apple CarPlay Compatible with iOS apps
Android Auto with Google Assistant, Bluetooth: Make/receive calls, play and control music and apps like Spotify/Pandora wirelessly
Our Pick (around $100)

Pioneer MVH-S620BS

Other similar options:

Let’s say you have a limited budget of around $100 bucks and still wanna car stereo that has all the latest bells and whistles. Even with that budget, you can still get yourself one hell of a double-DIN receiver. Our Pick The Pioneer MVH-S620BS sees to it that you do.

For more budget (under $100) car stereo options see our updated list.

This unbelievably affordable stereo may have you a bit skeptical because, well, cheap often leak of bad quality. Right? Wrong; and this receiver proves that you don’t need to bleed yourself out financially for the quality.

Below are its rather incredible features that keep it afloat in a market full of options. Right from its chassis design, you can tell this receiver means serious business.

Like many other receivers out there, the Pioneer MVH-S620BS too comes well-armed with integrated Bluetooth, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, and automatic pairing for iPhone and Android.

Through the receiver front panel AUX and USB, you can connect your smartphone to a much wider audio pool. Thanks to its Apple iPhone connection capabilities, Alexa’s built-in control (with Pioneer Smart Sync App) comes as a bonus.

Pioneer MVH-S620BS overview video

Our Pick (under $200)


Resolution: 1024p x 600p
Screen Size: 7”
Power Output: RMS 4*24W
CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: Yes

Other ATOTO options:

If you are looking for a touchscreen budget-friendly double-din head unit that uses CarPlay and Android Auto, you need to consider buying ATOTO F7. The unit features great functionality although it’s the company’s basic option.

The ATOTO F7 unit is compatible with all sorts of inputs. You can play almost every type of audio and video format on the unit. Moreover, it boasts a backup camera and steering control input as well. You can also connect more than one Bluetooth-enabled device to the unit.

This unit also comes with a screen lock that you can use when you are not on the driving seat (valet parking etc). We also like this ATOTO head unit for its quick boot feature. All it takes 2 seconds for ATOTO F/ to get in operational mode.

Its display (Full HD 1024*600) is also better than many other infotainment systems with its improved brightness that comes in handy during daytime drives.

If you want even bigger screen be sure to check this article reviewing large floating screeen head units.

Our Pick (around $300)

Kenwood DMX4707S

Resolution: 800p x 400p
Screen Size: 6.8”
Power Output: 180W
CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: Yes

Other Kenwood options:

Kenwood has a special touch that makes their products some of the most sought after in the market. Personally, I vouch for a good number of their products solely because of their operational meticulousness.

The Kenwood DMX4707S is our pick for under the $300 category and for good reasons too. It’s an effortless performer with a long list of thoughtful functions upon offer. We all love all-around adroit, industrious novelties. This head unit right here, despite its very few flaws, is just that.

Once you see the Kenwood DMX4707S, you can’t help but love its almost full-screen facade. Its characterized by a 6.8″ WVGA display which comes with a capacitive touch panel. The few complementary buttons on its side are conveniently planted to create a gorgeously sleek look. Its touch control panel gives you a direct one-way ticket to all its functions.

The Kenwood unit offers up a 21 Watts (RMS) x 4 power handling capacity and a sub preamp output that makes it quite the impresario when it comes to music. Bluetooth allows for wireless calling and music browsing. Besides, the dual pairing feature allows for the running of multiple Bluetooth devices at a time.

A13 graphic equalizer allows for dramatic shaping of the ultimate audio output; depending on user preference. The DMX4707S comes with SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeart, and Spotify ready. An array of 20 FM/AM preset channels diversify the user’s heeding options. A rear RCA video output is a tremendous help when it comes to reverse gearing.

Its USB charging input offers rapid android charging; you don’t have to worry about your phone going off when on the road. The DMX4707S is a great tuner; even in very remote places, it still pulls an impressive number of channels. All in all, it is a power-packed head unit built to cater to all your needs.

Our Pick (around $500)

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX

Other Pioneer options:

All around efficient head units are not the easiest to find. You may have to rummage through an endless sea of potential candidates and still emerge empty-handed. But wait, don’t freak out just yet; in the midst of all this despondency lies a silver lining. And its name is Pioneer.

That’s right, you can never go wrong with this brand. For decades, they have built a name for themselves as one of the most reliable fabricators in the industry. This is why we confidently present the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX; a revolutionary double din head unit that has you covered from angles you never thought possible.

The most fascinating attribute about the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is the novelty well highlighted in its knack. In an age where smartphones/touchscreens rule, this unit is built to blend right into the picture. Its 7″ WVGA (800 x 480) display is definitely larger compared to other players within its class.

The touch screen is super responsive and offers the exact sort of facilitation that drivers need. A single tap is enough to take you to your destination; this translates to reduced distractions when driving.

Seeing that the Pioneer AVH-2500NEX is Apple CarPlay compatible, you’ll have no trouble at all accessing your iPhone through the system. Its Android Auto attribute helps sort useful information into cards; each of which pops up when necessary.

I quite honestly feel like there’s nothing you can’t do with this bad boy. Bluetooth connectivity guarantees hands-free calling and texting. It also makes audio streaming a snap. It gets better; Spotify? Pandora? Good old Siri? You get all that too. When it comes to the tuner, you get HD Radio, AM, FM, and SiriusXM.

I mentioned its touchscreen but failed to mention its display customization merit. This is thanks to its 13 backgrounds and illumination matching aspect. That, paired with MIXTRAX, its free virtual DJ, you can easily match up your mood as well as your cabin’s ambiance hassle-free.

A built 13 band graphic EQ and a MOSFET amp ensure you experience music in the best way possible. Clearly, this din unit is one heck of an innovative piece that even the most fervent of electronic aficionados are bound to love.

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX vs AVH-2400NEX

Also Great

Sony DSX-GS900

We all know and love Sony; their products are often state-of-the-art creations with unsurpassed efficacy. And in this case, that fact stands triumphantly true. With Sony, what you see is what you get.

If the promise is a seamless natural sound, that’s exactly what they deliver. The DSX-GS900 comes with a very grand feature combo; a combination almost too good to believe. Even so, Sony made sure this head unit would live up to its promises with nearly no disappoints at all.

The Sony DSX-GS900 is what I like to call a blatant beauty. Its super-simplified menu lets you sail through its functions stress-free. It also gives direct access to all its functions; there is no hide and seek involved in this case.

Most might consider its 100 Watts (45 Watts RMS) x 4 worth of power inadequate especially when the intention is to run a full blast, insanely sonorous sound system. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Its sound reproduction is nothing if not crystal clear and comprehensive; that makes it a powerful driver when paired with the right components.

Bluetooth connectivity comes in handy when making calls and sending messages; you are able to so without as much as a finger lift. iPhone users get an added privilege of access to Siri thanks to its compatibility with iOS.

We mentioned this unit is a master when it comes to reproduction; well, its 10 band graphic equalizer tops that off by allowing users to further customize audio files to suit their style.

An on-screen synchronized illumination pulse also works to complement the mood. With 18FM/12 AM preset tuner channels, there’s no limit to what you can listen to with this unit. Besides Bluetooth, you can also play MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC files. Finally, it comes with front USB and AUX inputs as well as 6 pre-amp outputs (5-volt front, rear, subwoofer).

Sony DSX-GS900 review

Cheap Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Unit

Planet Audio P9900CPA

Resolution: 800 x 480p
Screen Size: 6.75″
Power Output: 320W
CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: Yes

One thing I know for sure with the Planet Audio P9900CPA is that it is nothing but a clean product. At an unbelievably cheap price tag, it gives its users an array of features (Apple CarPlay/Android Auto), all of which run flawlessly. Sure there may be a few glitches here and there but the Planet Audio P9900CPA is what it promises.

A 6.75″ display sits on the unit’s front giving it a sleek contemporary look. The screen gives quick and simplistic access to the available functions. The interface is super dynamic and user-friendly; you can rest assured you won’t struggle with it.

The screen may be a bit slow in terms of response, however, it gets the job done. Bluetooth connectivity is great for hands-free calling and texting. Apple CarPlay sees to it that the driver gets zero distractions when on the road. Google maps, apple map, Waze, you name it, it has you covered.

Good radio reception makes it one of the best tuners around. Even in the middle of nowhere, it pulls a list enough to keep you well entertained. A rearview camera input comes in pretty handy.

It also features a USB input and wireless remote control for eased access. With the ability to play a bunch of different format files, the Planet Audio P9900CPA is as pliant as they come.

Cheap Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Unit

Dual DMCPA70

Resolution: 1024p x 600p
Screen Size: 7”
Power Output: 200W
CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: Yes

Top-quality CarPlay & Android Auto-compatible double-din units are usually expensive. However, Dual DMCPA70 is an exception. Its high-resolution display from its 7” capacitive touchscreen, offers CarPlay and Android Auto functionality without breaking your bank.

This pocket-friendly double-din unit also comes with a remote that is perfect for managing the stereo controls from the backseat. Moreover, there is a button on the front panel for instant voice assistant activation— you can summon Siri or Google Assistant with a single tap.

Dual DMCPA70 is also a reasonable option with its sound. Its built-in amp is good enough to play a high-fidelity sound with a good pair of speakers and subs.

You can further improve your stereo experience by using its 8-band EQ. Like most modern head units, the Dual DMCPA70 mechless receiver is also rearview camera-ready.

Dual DMCPA70 video review

10″ Screen Option

Binize Android GPS Navigation In-Dash Car Stereo

Resolution: 1024p x 600p
Screen Size: 10.1”
Power Output: 180W
CarPlay: No
Android Auto: No

A large HD display on the dash gives a luxurious touch to the interior of any car. If you want to improve the display of your head unit for both resolution and size, this 10.1” Binize Android System won’t disappoint you.

It boasts the Android OS but is equally compatible with iPhones through Bluetooth connection and Air Pin (Pro) app.

This double-head unit is also Wi-Fi compatible and can be used to make 3G and 4G hotspots on the go. Like any top-of-the-line head unit with a display, this one also features more than one port for camera inputs. If you have steering wheel control, you can configure it with this double-din unit as well.

The navigation features of the Binize Android System are also quite good. Apart from Google Maps, you can also use IGO, Sygic, and Waze online maps on it. Also, while using the GPS navigation, you can keep playing music without pausing it for a second— thanks to its dual-zone function.

Everything Else We Recommend (Under $200 & $300)

Also Great


Resolution: 800p x 480p
Screen Size: 6.8”
Power Output: 200W
CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: Yes

This JVC double-din is a great option for car owners who need something top-quality for their medium-sized infotainment requirements. Like any other top-of-the-line head unit lying in this price range, JVC KW-M560BT also features Android Play and Apple Carplay. Moreover, you can also mirror your android devices on the unit via a USB connection.

With 50W peak power for every audio output, this JVC is not bad with its sound either. You can further improve your listening experience by using the time alignment feature that lets you put a delay between different speakers installed at different locations in the car.

The head unit also supports all music file formats and has input for the rearview camera feed as well. Its shallow mount design also makes for a hassle-free replacement of the stock receiver unit.

Also Great

Alpine iLX-W650

Resolution: 800p x 480p
Screen Size: 7”
Power Output: 200W
CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: Yes

Alpine has introduced this double-din head unit to provide a seamless experience to drivers with their smartphones. Whether you are an Android or an Apple phone user, you can use your phone functions without any distraction right through the 7” display of Alpine iLX-W650 (see it compared to Kenwood). This has become possible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility of the stereo unit.

Despite being a 7” double-din unit, this Alpine head unit is easy to install due to its shallow chassis. We also like this double-din receiver unit due to its built-in amp power with diverse music support.

Apart from MP3, AAC, WMA, and WAV, the unit can also play FLAC music files, which are known for containing more details than regular music file formats.

This double-din unit also boasts dual camera input that you can use to connect the front and rearview camera stream to the infotainment system. With SiriusXM compatibility, you can also use tune Alpine iLX-W650 to satellite radio stations.

Also Great

Boss Audio Systems BE7ACP

Resolution: 800p x 480p
Screen Size: 7”
Power Output: 320W
CarPlay: Yes
Android Auto: Yes

Usually, infotainment systems with large displays don’t boast good quality when it comes to sound output. However, that’s not the case with this Boss double-din stereo unit. The brand has lived up to its reputation of producing top-quality audio devices with its infotainment system as well.

It boasts a max power output of 80W for four speakers or subs. In short, its power is enough to give you an exceedingly better music experience than a factory-fitted receiver. Moreover, it also lets you add two external amps to the stereo system of your car.

This double-din has a good 7” display with a capacitive touchscreen. Moreover, it features Android Auto and Apple Carplay along with Bluetooth, USB, and aux connectivity, making it as good as any contemporary double-din infotainment system.

Everything Else We Recommend (Over $300)

Also Great

Sony XAV-AX5500

Sony always kills it; there’s no doubt about that. The XAV-AX5500 is in every way what we’d expect from Sony; one might even consider it more. This mechless car stereo is leagues ahead of its counterpart in both functionality and performance. From whichever angle you look at it, this double din unit is a ruler. It’s simple yet effective, it’s not cheap but you get a top touchscreen car stereo.

Bigger is always better and in this case, we’re loving the XAV-AX100 7″ touchscreen. The screen comes adorned with a few strategic buttons. Why? Because it’s a nice addition. The buttons promote easy access to helpful functions; pretty much a snap.

The unit runs on 20 watts RMS/55 peak x 4 channels. When it comes to sound dissipation, the XAV-AX5500 would make a phenomenal driver in any car audio system. Clean, crispy, and dynamic sonic waves are all you should expect from this unit. Like any other Sony product out there, it pounds.

Physically, we’re smitten with the Sony XAV-AX5500. When it comes to its virtual features still, we have a whole lot of zest for the unit. For one, its interface is clean and very responsive. Thanks to Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and WebLink, it has direct access to all smartphone features including navigation apps for Apple, Google, and Waze. That automatically grants users voice control which is super convenient when driving.

It features a tuner that comes packed with 18 FM and 12 AM channels. A USB input grants alternative access to smartphones and the use of flash drives. It also features a rear camera input that comes in handy when reverse gearing. A 10 band graphic equalizer lets you customize the audio ambiance to your liking at the push of a button.

Also Great


JVC has a vast following; their unsullied creativity has always landed them in the champion’s league on more than one occasion. Even in the simplest form, JVC products have a way of awing their fans. The JVC KW-V66BT is simple yet belligerent; it’s a master in sound delivery and a pioneer in smartphone integration. We love that its uncomplicated nature lets you make the most of what it has to offer.

Designed with a minimalist home-screen, you definitely won’t be breaking any sweat with this head unit. Its facade is characterized by a 6.8″ capacitive display paired with 5 touch-sensitive buttons. Needless to say, most of its functions are just a swap or click away.

The digital media receiver is Sirius-XM ready. It also features Apple Car play for advanced iPhone access. For Android users, there’s the Android Auto app – for all Android users, we have a review of the best Android car stereos. Weblink compatibility further expands internet access; apps like Youtube and Waze are right at your disposal with this unit.

With a 13 band graphic equalizer, this unit has phenomenal production abilities. The sound is good quality and loud enough to have everyone in the cabin bopping along. 15 FM/AM tuner stations ensure you’re well covered when you crave a radio vibe.

Its steering remote control comes ready for work. Its backup camera super smooth and is a great reverse watchdog. JVC never disappoints; am sure you agree as well.

Also Great

Kenwood DMX7705S

We live in an age where the internet runs the world; so a doorway through in any form is a feature that very many appreciate tremendously. I love that Kenwood took that into consideration and made us a head unit with Weblink access.

Its a thoughtful and incredibly constructive, especially when you stop to consider the other functions the DMX7705S has on offer. The unit is a revolutionary gizmo with everything that makes a good head unit. And above all else, its looks will have your heart melting as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Your head unit could single-handedly make or break your day. I, for one, love to start my day off with some smooth tunes to set my mood right; so I love a head unit with clean output, and that definitely easy to work. The Kenwood DMX7705S is a faithful travel partner that comes with all the perks necessary to elevate your ride. With 50 Watts x 4 worth of running power, the unit is quite honestly as potent as they get.

Its display 6.95″ is enormous by any standard; it’s also super sensitive and offers naught trammels when maneuvering through. The Kenwood DMX7705S head unit is number one when it comes to smartphones and web access. Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control come in handy when you’re looking for a personalized experience. Further, Weblink access gives you a straight route to Youtube, Waze, and Yelp. I don’t know about you but that sounds incredibly exciting.

This unit possesses great tuner reception; its capacity to draw a large number of radio channels despite the location is fascinating. Android Auto helps access files off of Android devices. iPhone access also lets you mess around with Siri Eyes Free control.

A 13 band graphic equalizer makes tune tailoring a walk in the park; you can easily kick up the bass levels if you want. Rapid Android charging is always a bonus for Android users; this is made possible through its rear USB input. It also features an analog AUX input for alternative audio streaming.

With Navigation (GPS)

Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX

The Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX is a top-quality stereo with top-quality sound and top-quality navigation but comes at a pretty high price. If you’re in the market for only the most premium car stereos, however, the money is worth it.

The stereo comes with a built-in navigation system that operates as a hands-free map. The GPS includes over 7 million points of interest, offering things to do along the way or checkpoints if you, like me, often find yourself not knowing where you’re going.

The AVIC-W8500NEX is easily accessible for any smartphone user by connecting wirelessly through either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It offers a hands-free interface to its users through a Bluetooth connection or a USB cable, which is convenient if you need to charge your phone while keeping things up and running. Its seamless interface features an LED-backlit display, so you won’t have to worry about fiddling with the brightness while you’re trying to drive. In addition to the built-in apps, you have the choice to pop in a CD or DVD if you’re so inclined.

This stereo offers a variety of radio options, including HD Radio, AppRadio, Pandora, and MIXTRAX, which automatically makes mixes your music playlist while on the go. If you aren’t in the mood for music, you can listen to the news in crisp quality through HD Radio or access the included Total Traffic & Weather application to listen to real-time traffic and weather data.

With a seamless interface and access to a wide range of music, applications, and navigation, this stereo is objectively one of the best on the market.

Jensen VX7528

The Jensen VX7528 is above a budget navigation system stereo. Not only does the GPS mark over 10 million points of interest, but it provides detailed maps of more complicated intersections and displays 3D images of your surroundings to help you figure out where you are.

With the Jensen VX7528, you can stream music from any application on your smartphone and adjust the volume settings exactly how you like them. The system also offers a wireless remote if you want to let the backseat passengers control the playlist, for fun or otherwise. The system is equipped to handle SiriusXM, but you must buy the subscription separately, as it, unfortunately, doesn’t already come with it.

Another big drawback is that the Jensen VX7528 does offer front and rearview video, but you have to wire a connection to your parking to break to access that feature as well as a general video display. If you can get that up and running, though, you not only have access to the front and rearview cameras, but you can play CDs and DVDs for movies on the go.

Despite its drawbacks, it offers a reliable variety of features and connections that make it a great find, especially for those looking for something more within their budget.

Alpine INE-W970HD Navigation Receiver

This top-notch stereo from Alpine features a built-in navigation system with GPS that automatically zooms in and out to give you a better view while you drive. You can also switch between terrain view and street view to help you gauge your surroundings in the way that’s easiest for you.

The Alpine INE-W970HD comes equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, can stream music through Pandora when connected to your smartphone, and has customizable sound settings that cover every preference from the number and location of speakers to sound that best matches type of upholstery in your car.

It also comes with a USB port in the back and can play media from a thumb drive. However, Alpine requires that you have a wired connection to your parking brake before any video can be displayed. If you can achieve the connection, you can display movies from a thumb drive or from a DVD.

If you’re looking for a stereo with a wide range of music playing capabilities and have a bit more cash to spare, this might be a stereo system that you’d want to check out.


What is a Double Din car stereo?

A Double Din car stereo is designed to be double the height of the standard Single Din unit. The “Din” refers to the internationally acknowledged manufacturing standards for stereo systems. The Double works in the same way as the Single Din, only with enhanced design and usability. Because of the difference in height between the two units, you will need to ensure your vehicle is designed to take the Double before going ahead with a purchase. The Double Din boasts a larger screen and display, as well as a host of extra features. While it offers all the same options as the Single-Din (Bluetooth, DAB, etc.), it also incorporates screen mirroring, iPhone control, and much more.

Is Double Din a standard size?

Yes. Both the Double Din and the Single Din options are designed to fit the standard ISO 7736 head unit receptacle. If your auto has a factory-installed Double Din unit, then you should be able to replace it with any similar model, as they are all seven inches by four inches in dimension. However, if you currently have a Single Din unit, you will need to check that the unit receptacle has the capacity for a Double. If not, then you will have difficulty installing a Double Din without considerable modifications to your dash setup.

Will any Double Din fit in my car?

This depends on your car, and on the unit which is currently in place. Both the single and double options vary in-depth, so while the height of each is standard the depth is not. This means that pretty much any Single Din will fit your car, but when it comes to the Double you will need to do a little measuring before you make your decision.

Which is better: Single Din or Double Din?

Really, this comes down to your personal preference. The Double Din offers a whole host of options which the Single Din doesn’t, including an easy-to-use touchscreen, HD display, plus better connectivity and increased storage space. Other highlights include video screens, enabling features such as the rearview camera feed to make parking easier, as well as app support for sophisticated GPS software to improve navigation. However, when it comes to sound quality, the two are pretty similar. It’s best to take a look at each and see which option is the right one for you, as some drivers prefer the simplicity of the Single Din.

Can a Double Din fit in a Single Din?

Not really. If your car has been designed for the Single Din setup, then replacing it with a Double Din could be problematic. It’s best to seek the advice of a qualified mechanic before attempting anything like this. However, if your car was built with a Double Din head unit then you will be free to replace it with either a Double or Single Din, depending entirely on which offers the most user-friendly setup for you.

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