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Single din head unit or stereo is the bread and butter of a car audio system. They allow you to play music, sync up your phone with the car audio system, stream and download videos for the car TV, and the best car stereo units come with features such as customizable backlighting, high-quality touch-screen displays, as well as Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC, etc.

Our Recommended SINGLE Din Units

ImageSingle Din Head UnitSpecsIphoneAndroidBluetoothUSB InputAUX Input
Sony DSX-GS80 GS Series High...
Our Pick

Price at AmazonPrice at Crutchfield
100W per channel (45 RMS). iPod, iPhone, and iPad control. MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and WAV playback. Voice control with Android and Siri Eyes Free. EQ10 10-band equalizer. 6-channel preamp outputs.iPod/iPhone Direct Connect via USB and with Bluetooth via Sony Music Center AppAndroid Direct Connect via USB and Bluetooth. (AOA 2.0 or MTP).YesFront and RearFront
Alpine UTE-73BT Advanced...
Runner Up

Price at AmazonPrice at Crutchfield
Android Compatibility,
Works with Pandora(R) and Spotify,
iPhone, Color Customization, USB, Aux, FLAC
iPhone connect via USB and BluetoothAndroid connect via USB and BluetoothYesFrontFront
Also Great

Price at Crutchfield
MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, and high-res FLAC music files, CD receiver with AM/FM tuner, built-in Bluetooth, charging of Apple and Android devices, Pandora and Spotify, Streaming DJ feature, Vol Link EQ, K2 technology, SiriusXM, Amazon AlexaiPod/iPhone connect via USB or wirelesslyAndroid connect via USB and or wirelesslyYesFront and RearFront
Kenwood KMM-BT728HD Bluetooth...
Also Great

Price at AmazonPrice at Crutchfield
Plays MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV files, Pandora and Spotify, 8 EQ curves and 13-band equalizer, SiriusXM, Amazon AlexaiPod/iPhone connect via USB or wirelesslyAndroid connect via USB and or wirelesslyYesFrontFront
ATOTO S8 Standard Single-Din...
Big Floating Screen (8″)

Price at Amazon
Full HD 8" 1280*720 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen; Built-in GPS Receiver; CarPlay & Android Auto; HD Rearview Camera Input with Live Rearview (LRV) featurewireless & wired CarPlayWired Android AutoBluetooth 4.2BackYes
Phone Mount

Price at AmazonPrice at Crutchfield
Pop-out smartphone cradle for touchscreen. FLAC, MP3, WMA, and WAV music files. Amazon Alexa. 31 band EQ using Smart SyncVia USB or Bluetooth with Pioneer Smart Sync AppVia USB or Bluetooth with Pioneer Smart Sync AppYesFrontNo
VDO Continental TR7412UB-OR...
European Style

Price at Amazon
Clear and functional Design. Matt black fixed front.
LCD display.
Orange illumination. Play Music from Cell Phone (A2DP, AVRCP). MP3 / WMA format
Via Bluetooth (HSP), (HFP) and (A2DP, AVRCP)Via Bluetooth (HSP), (HFP) and (A2DP, AVRCP)YesFrontFront
Our Pick

Sony DSX-GS80

If you are looking for a powerful single-din unit that can offer all the contemporary features while boasting quality, consider this Sony G-Series single-din model. DSX-GS80 has a reasonably powerful built-in class-D amplifier.

To be exact you’ll get 100W per channel (45 RMS), and that’s not an overstatement, just check out the video below for a full dyno review. So, if you are replacing your old head unit and don’t wanna bother adding an external amp this is the top market option given the price and specifications.

We also like this single-din unit for its dual action of Bluetooth. You can connect two phones to your stereo at the same time. So, not just the driver but a person in the passenger seat can also make/receive calls through the stereo system and use their phone to play music. Besides Bluetooth, you can also connect your devices to DSX-GS80 through USB and Aux input.

Sony DSX-GS80 is also among the best single-din head units due to its supreme construction. Its low-noise electric power transmission, oversized heat sink, and precision power block placement ensure that you can use the unit for optimal performance year after year.

Sony DSX-GS80 video review and test

Runner Up

Alpine UTE-73BT

The Alpine UTE-73BT, in what most would regard as a pretty small package, comes packed with a bunch of audio and technology features that are simply remarkable – check out the full review.

This CD receiver in no way limits its user’s audio choices. Want to listen to your phone audio files? No problem. Maybe that flash drive with your entire music collection? Go on ahead. Or maybe your old fashioned and you simply want good old radio: It has you covered on that too. Besides being an AM/FM tuner, it also comes with a SiriusXM satellite tuner; impressive, right?

Well, it gets better. Its Bluetooth connectivity feature enables this head unit to pair up with pretty much any two smartphones simultaneously at any time. From that, you can access and play any audio files from your phone as well as make/receive calls without lifting a finger.

Its App Direct Mode makes it easily compatible with both iPods and iPhones giving you access to music apps such as Pandora.

Physically, this baby is designed to produce nothing short of premium sound. It comes ready with 6-channel preamp outputs, front USB and AUX inputs, and both high and low pass filters. To top it all, its users have a 3-band parametric equalizer, a 24 digital-to-analog converter, and the steering wheel control feature at their disposal. Again, the UTE-73BT is a stunning creation that deserves the top position on our list.

Alpine UTE-73BT Display and Controls Demo

Also Great


With JVC KD-T920BTS you get an array of features and polished audio waves beating through your car’s airways with this head unit. It would be a mistake to underestimate what this unit is capable of.

Other JVC options:

JVC went the extra mile to make the KD-T920BTS the badass stereo it is. It works to refine the sound, regardless of its source. Two features, in particular, ensure this part of the job is well done; the digital signal processing and dynamic tonal control features.

Now the best part is that you can source audio files from pretty much anywhere. Its built-in Bluetooth allows for full-time dual-phone connections. This opens the gateway to an endless list of features that may only be accessed through smartphones.

In other words, you get full Spotify control hassle-free and built-in Amazon Alexa for voice control. In addition to that, rear USB and AUX ports provide yet more sourcing channels.

If you intend to hook some amps to this baby, your work will be pretty easy. With 5V preamp outputs plus sub preamp output, fixing it to the rest of your sound system is a cinch.

From the looks of things, JVC intended to make this model as efficient as possible. It comes furnished with K2 technology, Time Alignment, and a whopping 13-band graphic equalizer. Apart from the usual AM/FM tuner, it also features the Tuner SiriusXM. The JVC KD-T920BTS is engineered to ensure its users receive audio signals in the cleanest and loudest form possible.

Also Great

Kenwood KMM-BT728HD

The Kenwood Kenwood KMM-BT728HD has earned its position on this list fair and square. In all honesty, this little beast plays on a level similar to units almost twice its price.

It’s a diamond in the rough alright. It houses a multitude of surprisingly essential functionalities. It also ensures it has all sorts of audio needs covered. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Armed with 6-channel preamp outputs, a subwoofer level control, and Bluetooth connectivity, the KMM-BT728HD has the recipe for phenomenal sound output.

One thing you’ll love about this head unit is its versatility. You can listen to AM/FM and satellite tuner radio (like SiriusXM), play files from a flash drive, and most importantly, your phone. These multiple music options guarantee you a great commuter experience every time you step into your cabin.

Besides that, you can set your perfect travel mood with its 13-band equalizer and Digital Time Alignment feature.

It further throws in steering wheel audio control compatibility, the Kenwood Music Play App, Amazon Alexa, and Internet Radio Apps (Pandora, Spotify, or iHeartRadio) into the package.

Kenwood KMM-BT728HD video review

Also Great

Sony DSX-A410BT

We all know that Sony just doesn’t mess around with their products; they’ll have you working with the latest technology before you even know of its existence.

Other Sony options:

This model, in particular, shines brightly in a sea of many others of its kind. It brings you a hassle-free platform through which you can access pretty much anything that’s audible.

The Sony DSX-A410BT features one unique feature that makes it a game-changer; the Near Field Communication tech. NFC makes pairing impressively simplified even for a unit as exceptional as this one – all you have to do is touch the volume dial and it instantly connects a Bluetooth(R) phone.

I love that this head unit comes with voice control for both iPhones and Android phones. This means you’re able to dish out voice commands, make calls hands-free, and even listen to text messages while driving. A 10-band equalizer further enhances its final output.

The sound has never been cleaner; its Digital Sound Enhancement Engine sees to it that that fact stands. Complement features include high and low pass filters, sub-woofer direct connection, frequency filters, bass enhancers, and time alignment.

A blend of all these features is pretty powerful if you ask me. Last but not least is the Sony Dynamic Color Illuminator which lights up your dash when this baby is at work. It is truly one of a kind.

Also Great

Pioneer DEH-S6220BS


  • Plays various audio files.
  • High-quality sound with low distortion
  • High Bass features


  • Does not include a protective front case. The soft case must be bought separately.
  • Bluetooth does not connect automatically when turned on
  • Tuning from the app can be confusing

Another God in the head unit department is the Pioneer. With years of excellent product quality and innovative features, you cannot go wrong with the Pioneer DEH-S6220BS.

Using Pioneer’s Smart Sync App, you can easily sync your navigation apps, music, messages, phone book, and more. With aux, USB, and Bluetooth, you receive multiple options for playing your music.

The head unit offers an RMS power of 22 watts and a peak output of 50 watts to ensure high-quality sound. With the 6-channel preamp outputs, 24 Bit D/A convert, and MOSFET amplifier, the head unit offers low background noise and distortion with loud music.

Moreover, the Easy EQ comes with a 13-band graphic EQ setting and nice preset EQ curves; Powerful, Vocal, Natural, Super Bass, Vivid, Dynamic, Flat, and two custom settings that allow you to adjust the band between -12 to 12 dB. The Pioneer DEH-S6220Bs also feature speaker level adjustment, Bass management, sound retriever, source level adjustment, and rear speaker setup.

The detachable face plane deters theft, and the 2-line LCD offers language choices between English, Spanish, and French. With the dimmer setting and 210,00 colors to choose from, including 12 preset colors, you can enjoy the variable display.

Everything else we recommend

Big Floating Screen (8″)

ATOTO S8 Standard (Gen 2)

One thing has been trending in the car stereo for the past year and that is a big screen car stereo with floating displays. And one good testament to that is the ATOTO S8 unit.

The ATOTO team has really gone far with this model. With all the options you get the main thing that stings in the eyes is the wireless / wired CarPlay & wired Android Auto option included, which you only get in far more expensive units.

The S8 Pro also includes features like reversing camera input, SiriusXM ready, Fast Phone Charge, and GPS (via CarPlay or Android Auto apps ) among others.

Touchscreen/Flip-Out Option

Pioneer AVH-3500NEX

This Pioneer flip-out stereo unit (see more options) brings its users the privilege of a touchscreen digital interface which like your average smartphones, comes with tremendous convenience. Also, it’s the only single-DIN unit that provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!

As you would expect, other than its touchscreen capabilities, this device comes with its own share of equally impressive features that make it a worthy option in a market flooded with many others.

Undoubtedly worthy of the first mention, the 7″ slide-out digital touchscreen display puts the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX on a different level from most other vehicle receivers.

Any smartphone-oriented driver would definitely appreciate this customizable interface. The display comes with an 800*480 pixels resolution, is highly sensitive, responsive and has a range of display colors (5), and includes a few buttons for easier navigation.

This feature makes working featured apps a piece of the cake. Such apps include Siri Eyes and Google Now.

Individual apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple music are also compatible with the device; it even features controls for such apps. Additional apps include as we mentioned Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and the Pioneer’s App Radio Mode.

With Phone Mount

Pioneer SPH-10BT

If you are looking to make the most of your smartphone with your car receiver, you need to consider this single-din option by Pioneer. This mechless head unit is compatible with both android and iOS devices with its Bluetooth and USB connections.

Other Pioneer options:

The Pioneer’s propriety Smart Sync App helps you expand the functionality of this head unit. Through the app, you can use Amazon Alexa on your stereo for navigation, weather reports, song selection, etc. Moreover, you can use the unit’s pop-out cradle to set up your smartphone (via the app) above the unit as your stereo touch display.

Pioneer SPH-10BT also has another propriety feature called Mixtrax Virtual DJ. Through this option, you can create a nonstop mix of your playlist with a host of DJ-inspired effects. Moreover, the unit supports the FLAC codec. This means you can play tracks (FLAC extensions) with more sonic details on your car stereo.

Pioneer SPH-10BT video review

European Retro Style

Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB


  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for 80s-style interior
  • High sound quality


  • Does not play disc
  • Dimming the display requires connecting it to the vehicle head-lamp circuit.

The recently launched Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB comes with many features that weren’t present in the previous models. The Bremen SQR 46 DAB radio gives a vintage look and combines the past with the future with innovative technology.

The new model features varicolored lighting for the display and buttons, two USB inputs, Bluetooth audio, a DAB+ windshield antenna, and a shorter installation depth. You can use the rear input that gives 1A power to charge your phone and the front input to play music files.

The four-channel amplifier can power two pairs of speakers to allow loud music, and the 5-channel preamp outputs (4-volt front, rear, and sub) add external power to the subs that you can control between 0 to +7.

The three-band EQ presets include rock, pop, classic, and user. You can adjust the EQ between frequency, level, and Q factors to control Bas, Midrange, and treble between -7 to +7. Moreover, the Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 Dab has an X-Bass/Loudness feature that can increase the bass from 0 to +3 and three frequencies; 60, 80, and 120 Hz.

The single-line LCD features adjustable brightness and over 729 customizable colors.
With an RMS power of 24 watts and a peak output of 50 watts, you are assured of clear and loud audio.

European Retro Style

VDO Continental TR7412UB

If you don’t want to get overwhelmed with infotainment systems full of features and looking for something no-frill, consider this single-din unit by VDO Continental.

We like its minimalist construction that appears very symmetrical and easy on the eyes. Moreover, its yellow display gives it an interesting retro touch.

Despite the simple appearance, VDO Continental TR7412UB has all the features of a mechless head unit. You can connect your smartphone to the unit via Bluetooth.

Android phones can also be used as a music source through a USB connection. Moreover, its aux port lets you use it even with various other music devices.

The other unique bit about this car head unit is its European-style tuning of the radio. It essentially features extra FM and AM frequency bands that are often used by radio channels based in the European region. So, if you ever take this head unit to Europe, its radio transmission feature won’t render it useless.

Retro Style

FY Play SX-5513

A car head unit doesn’t need to look sleek and modern. A retro-styled head unit with a strapping appearance also looks the part, especially in muscle cars. This FY Play receiver fulfills the requirement of a retro single-din head unit you want for your ride.

Its front panel with golden metal textured brush finishing with two knobs looks like a perfect throwback to the past.

FY Play SX-5513 with its retro look executes the functional requirements of a modern head unit as well. It boasts Bluetooth, USB, and aux connectivity. You can directly insert a loaded SD car in the unit as your music playlist as well.

We also like its 11-character high-resolution LCD that authentically imitates the analog display. Despite having a muscular front, the chassis of this head unit is shallow which allows easy installation in all sorts of vehicles.

Heavy Duty

Jensen Heavy Duty JHD1130B

Looking at its build, as well as some of its specific features, you’ll agree that this stereo could get you through any storm: Literally.

One of the things I love most about the Jensen JHD1130B is its Weather Band Tuner. This feature sends you weather alerts; this way, you are able to brace yourself for severe conditions. Still, on its ruggedness, its body is coated with PCB to keep out both dust and moisture.

Moving on, this bad boy features an amber backlit display that furnishes your dash with all sorts of beauty. Besides that, it features USB and AUX inputs both at the front and rear. Its 2-channel preamp output works well with most vehicles’ sound systems.

Its built-in memory lets you save presets for up to 30 days. With 30 preset tuner channels, you are spoilt for choice on what to listen to. And it gets better; it also features a SiriusXM satellite tuner.

Finally, for better listening sessions, it also includes a preset equalizer with 5 different settings.

The Jensen JHD1130B may be viewed as basic, but it has its users covered in a tremendous number of ways. It’s simple but nevertheless impressive.

With Motorized Phone Mount

Jensen MPQ914

Single-din units usually don’t boast a lot of technological features. Among the exceptions, one is Jensen MPQ914 single-din unit. This receiver has everything you need in a modern head unit replacement.

The most outstanding feature of this head unit is its sliding motorized phone mount tray. This tray is not just a phone cradle but also a wireless charging platform.

If your phone is Qi wireless charging compatible, you can use it with Jensen MPQ914 as a touch display while charging it simultaneously.

Besides music and navigation, you can use your smartphone with your stereo system for many other apps and functions through Jensen’s propriety J-Link app.

The unit also features a push-to-talk button that will directly activate the voice assistant your phone has (Siri, Google Assistant, etc). The sound features of Jensen MPQ914 are decent at best. Its 4 EQ presets and a bit underwhelming RMS output are good for only those who don’t fixate on music details and quality.

Rear View Camera Ready


This JVC single-din unit is another good combination of sound and navigation features. This unit features three sets of preamp outputs, allowing you to customize your system with additional amps and subs.

Moreover, its 13-Band EQ and time alignment feature enable you to configure the perfect sound in line with your acoustic taste buds.

The standout feature of the JVC KD-X560BT is its rearview camera-ready configuration. This head unit gets linked to the back gear and automatically switches its display to the view from the rear camera when you reverse the car. There is also a “Camera” button on the panel for a one-touch switch between the stereo display and camera view.

JVC KD-X560BT also features conformal coating on its circuitry, which protects it from moisture and dust. This protection makes it a suitable receiver unit for boats and other marine vehicles as well. We also like this head unit for its shallow chassis that makes its installation hassle-free.

Really Cheap

Boss Audio 616UAB

If you’re on a budget, then don’t go without taking a look at the BOSS Audio 616UAB. It is by far the cheapest single din stereo unit we have ever seen.

What does it offer then at this price? Well, here you go – Bluetooth with hands-free calling and audio streaming support, USB, SD, and AUX inputs for hooking up your memory card, smartphone, headphone, and full RCA preamp connectivity right on the front panel. And yes, it also has a built-in EQ tuner with bass, treble, and fader controls.

So you might be asking yourself “what does it not have?” Well, there is a reason it costs less than half as much as some of the more premium units.

Compromises have been made on the diversity of controls that you’ll get in the EQ menu, and there are no subwoofer controls.

Also, worth noting is the lack of iPod control, and the seemingly flimsy build quality (shouldn’t matter as long as it stays mounted in your car’s dash, right?).

Previously considered options – some still available (2018., 2019., 2020., 2021.)


The SONY RSXGS9 can only be described as one of the best car digital media receivers you can get on the market. Very few car stereos can match its nonpareil faculty.

Its sound production is polished, richer, and very much in its original and intended form.

Sony has always given its fans a lot more than they ask for; pushing the limits is what they do best. Evidently, the SONY RSXGS9 is a perfect verification of that fact. Besides its well-thought-through design, this receiver houses some of the industry’s most sought-after features.

The Sony RSXGS9 puts a 10-band graphic equalizer at your disposal; you can tune the sound to your liking. Its OLED display is easily legible as well as navigate. I know it sounds too good to be true; however, you best believe it.

Pioneer DEH-80PRS

The Pioneer DEH-80PRS offers innumerable, amazing features, including the stylish matte black finish which will complement your car’s interior.

It boasts audiophile-grade components which have been carefully selected with quality and reliability in mind. Its display is incredibly simple to see, and you’re definite to love how simple it is to operate its controls.

This receiver comes included with Pioneer’s proprietary sound technologies like Auto Time Alignment and Auto EQ. Such help automize the audio in a way that perfectly suits certain listening spaces, in addition to allowing subtle manual control over the settings.

The DEH-80PRS boasts a Three-Way Digital Network. You can, thus, connect up to 3 external amplifiers, dedicating each of them to driving high, mid, and low-frequency ranges. Other features you’re definite to appreciate include support for Bluetooth connectivity, USB direct control, Internet radio, and an SD card slot.

Pioneer DEX-P99RS

It’s top-rated, it’s proficient, and it’s the Pioneer DEX-P99RS. I’ll say one thing, this stereo is a celestial-like creation; even its own manufacturers admit as much. Here’s why.

From the very moment that this baby is pulled out of the box, it gleams with unspoken authenticity. Its copper-plated chassis not only affirms its longevity; it also reduces magnetic-induced tumult giving clean produce.

Next, this car stereo brings its users a bunch of technological elements that augment its tuning abilities. One, it incorporates a built-in 3-band digital equalizer. With its auto EQ microphone and time alignment features, it’s no surprise that its resultant output is pretty neat.

As I said, one glance at this stereo will have you drooling uncontrollably over what it can do.


What is a single DIN head unit?

A single DIN is a unit of measurement as defined by Deutsches Institut für Normung, which is a German standards body governing around 30,00 automotive standards. A single DIN head unit is any head unit that fits the single DIN requirements as outlined by the DIN standard under International standard ISO 7736.

A single DIN differs from a double DIN in that it measures exactly half the faceplate height and therefore installs into a much smaller slot than its larger sibling.

What size is a single DIN?

The width and height of the faceplate of a single DIN head unit are always 180mm by 50mm, or 2″ by 7″. It’s very important to note that the depth of which the head unit sits into the dash of a vehicle is not required to adhere to any specific measurements under the DIN standard.

Will any single DIN radio fit?

To be quite blunt, no. You can’t just purchase any old single DIN head unit and expect it to fit your vehicle. While the standard is very specific about the measurements of the faceplate, you will also need to consider the depth of the head unit. Different vehicles have differing amounts of space allocated for the head unit installation.

There are many single DIN stereos designed to fit as broad of a range of vehicles as possible, which is great, but it is recommended that you carefully measure the DIN slot of your vehicle and check that against the manufacturers’ measurements before you place an order for a new head unit.

Another consideration when fitting a single DIN stereo into your vehicle is the frame in which the head unit is required to sit. Many cars are indeed compatible with a single DIN head unit, but the frame in which the manufacturer-fitted unit sits does not accommodate anything other than that factory-installed unit. This doesn’t have to become a big issue, as it is usually possible to order a third-party frame that will replace the existing frame in the area of the dash in which the head unit sits and allow the installation of a standard-sized single DIN stereo.

Can a single DIN fit in a double DIN?

This is usually feasible, but will typically require some modification of the vehicle dash. It may not be possible in all vehicles so make sure to check if you can actually perform this modification before you go ahead and buy your new head unit. There are many third-party manufacturers producing frames that replace the area of the dash in which the existing double DIN slot sits and change the size of the opening to fit a single DIN correctly. Don’t forget that you still need to measure the depth of the head unit to ensure there is adequate space in the dash for installation.

It may be advisable to seek professional installation when attempting to have a single DIN head unit fitted into a double DIN slot.

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