Car Speakers

Best 3.5-inch Car Speakers [UPDATED 2023]

Best 3.5-inch Car Speakers

Generally speaking, 3.5-inch speakers are usually found on a car’s dashboard, or virtually anywhere in older car models. The bottom line, though, is that they can make a pretty huge difference as far as high and mid-range frequencies go. Therefore, … Read more

Pioneer vs. Alpine [Head Units and Speakers compared]

Pioneer vs Alpine

When it comes to car audio systems, the competition boils down to Pioneer vs Alpine. After doing some research, I decided to compare Pioneer’s DMH-1500NEX head unit and Alpine’s iLX-W650 head unit, as well as their respective speaker series – … Read more

Alpine vs. Rockford Fosgate [Speakers Compared]

Are you in the market for brand-new speakers but need help choosing between the Rockford Fosgate P1 Series and Alpine R-series? In this comparison, we will look at both brands’ key features and help you decide which one is the … Read more

Alpine vs. JL Audio [Speakers Compared]

From what I have encountered, the JL Audio C3 speakers are a winner over their Alpine X-series counterparts. But that is just me, and I think it is important for people to create their own conclusions depending on what strikes … Read more

Best 8-inch Midrange Car Speakers [UPDATED 2022]

Best 8-inch Midrange Car Speakers

We went out and found the solutions for the best 8-inch midrange car speakers on the marketplace today. After analyzing countless customer reviews and putting these speakers head-to-head against each other, here are the best 8-inch midrange car speakers. We … Read more

Alpine vs. JBL [Speakers compared]

Alpine vs JBL

Alpine and JBL are the top contenders for car speakers, and you might be confused about which one to buy. Well, so was I. If you think I couldn’t decide between the two speaker series, so I got both to … Read more

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