Head Units

Best Apple CarPlay Head Units [2023]

Best Apple CarPlay Head Units

Are you in the market for an Apple CarPlay head unit for your car? After extensive research, we have determined that the Sony XAV-AX6000 is our top pick for the best wireless unit, while the Kenwood DMX4707S is the best … Read more

Alpine vs. Sony [Head Units Compared]

Alpine vs sony

After spending countless hours researching these head units side-by-side, I decided to do a detailed comparison of Alpine and Sony head units. Here’s what I found out: I personally prefer the Alpine head units for their superior features. The Alpine … Read more

Pioneer vs. Alpine [Head Units and Speakers compared]

Pioneer vs Alpine

When it comes to car audio systems, the competition boils down to Pioneer vs Alpine. After doing some research, I decided to compare Pioneer’s DMH-1500NEX head unit and Alpine’s iLX-W650 head unit, as well as their respective speaker series – … Read more

Pioneer vs. Kenwood [Head Units Compared]

Pioneer vs Kenwood

If you are confused between Kenwood and Pioneer for choosing a car audio unit, I understand your frustration. Both brands hold a parallel status in the global market for their excellence. Having experience with both, I would choose Kenwood over … Read more

Pioneer vs. JVC [Head Units Compared]

Pioneer Vs JVC

Choosing the best stereo system for your car can take time and effort. I banged my head a thousand times before landing on a handful of options to choose between double din and single din head units. On my list, … Read more

Best Android OS Car Stereos [2022 UPDATED]

Android Car Stereos head units

What is an Android head unit? It’s basically a regular car head unit (single or double din) but runs on an Android OS like a smartphone. The term “Android car stereo” can also be used for units that don’t run … Read more

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