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Bad Ground on Amp Symptoms [How To Recognize]

Where Is The Car Radio Fuse Located And How To Change One

Amps tend to develop an issue that you only get to know when it stops working altogether. For instance, bad ground on the amp is a pretty common problem. But many car owners are unable to identify the bad ground … Read more

What is the Pink Wire on Car Stereo Wiring?

What is the Pink Wire on Car Stereo Wiring

Wiring a car stereo is one of those jobs that seems complicated and in need of expert attention. It’s not, however, and with the right knowledge, anybody can wire up a new head unit with minimal fuss. Knowing what each … Read more

How to FIX Car Speakers Crackling [STEPS]

How to FIX Car Speakers Crackling

Possible issues Whilst this seems easy to combat on paper, it might not be. Due to not knowing where this faulty wire is, is a challenge posed when attempting to find it. Another issue that could be causing this crackling … Read more

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