Bad Ground on Amp Symptoms [How To Recognize]

Where Is The Car Radio Fuse Located And How To Change One

Amps tend to develop an issue that you only get to know when it stops working altogether. For instance, bad ground on the amp is a pretty common problem. But many car owners are unable to identify the bad ground … Read more

1-Ohm vs 2-Ohm Subwoofers [EXPLAINED]

Car Speakers Cutting Out At High Volume

Which One Sounds Better? Although it’ll be hard to tell the difference for most listeners, 2-ohm car subwoofers sound better than 1-ohm as there’s more resistance and therefore, a cleaner output. Ohm is basically the measurement of the amount of … Read more

Where Do You Connect The Power Antenna Wire?

Car Speakers Cutting Out At High Volume

What is the purpose of the power antenna wire? The amp is turned on by the blue wire. It’s meant to be connected to your source’s blue turn-on wire output or the power antenna lead. The blue/white striped remote turn-on … Read more

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